TC-ARC-1 (AMI) After Market Closed Weld Head

(1”, 2” and 4”)

Plugs directly into AMI Power Sources, no cable adapter needed.  Optional adapter available for AMI collets, easy clamping system.

Note: This weld head is specifically designed for AMI equipment.

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• Plugs directly into AMI Power Unit
• No cable adapter needed
• Easy clamping system for adjusting and tightening collets
• Size range is 1/4" to 4”
• Various sized collets available
• Optional adapter available if using AMI collets (see page 42)
• Optional 1" head holder available
• Heavy duty, more robust design
• Water cooled
Diameter Range mm (inches) 6-25.4mm (.25"-1")
Welding Speed (rpm) 0.61-12.2
Weight kg (lbs) 2.5kg (5.5lbs)
Standard Cable Length 10m (32')
Cooling  Water
Dimensions (mm) 337x96x50
Dimensions (inches) 13.25"x3.78"x1.97"
Diameter Range mm (inches) 38.1-101.6 (1.5”-4”)
Welding Speed (rpm) 0.095-1.9
Weight kg (lbs) 6kg (13lbs) without cable
Standard Cable Length 10m (32)
Cooling  Water
Dimensions (mm) 498x195x56
Dimensions (inches) 19.5"x7.5"x2"
Contact us regarding details on our TC-ARC-2 Model.

TC-ARC-1 (.25" to 1")
C-1-25 .25" Collet for TPWH-C-1
C-1-375 .375" Collet for TPWH-C-1
C-1-5 .5" Collet for TPWH-C-1
C-1-5P .5P" Collet for TPWH-C-1
C-1-625 .625" Collet for TPWH-C-1
C-1-75 .75" Collet for TPWH-C-1
C-1-75P .75P" Collet for TPWH-C-1
C-1-1 1" Collet for TPWH-C-1
TC-ARC-2 (.5" to 2")
C-2-5 .5" Collet for TC-ARC-2
C-2-5P .5P" Collet for TC-ARC-2
C-2-625 .625" Collet for TC-ARC-2
C-2-75 .75" Collet for TC-ARC-2
C-2-75P .75P" Collet for TC-ARC-2
C-2-1 1" Collet for TC-ARC-2
C-2-1P 1P" Collet for TC-ARC-2
C-2-1.5 1.5" Collet for TC-ARC-2
C-2-1.5P 1.5P" Collet for TC-ARC-2
C-2-2 2" Collet for TC-ARC-2
TC-ARC-4 (1" to 4")
C-4-1 1" Collet for TPWH-C-4
C-4-1.5 1.5" Collet for TPWH-C-4
C-4-1.5P 1.5P" Collet for TPWH-C-4
C-4-2 2" Collet for TPWH-C-4
C-4-2P 2P" Collet for TPWH-C-4
C-4-2.5 2.5" Collet for TPWH-C-4
C-4-2.5P 2.5P" Collet for TPWH-C-4
C-4-3 3" Collet for TPWH-C-4
C-4-3.5 3.5" Collet (3" Pipe) for TPWH-C-4
C-4-4 4P" Collet (3.5" Pipe) for TPWH-C-4

NOTE:  Products on this page are manufactured by Otto Arc Systems, Inc. and are not genuine AMI parts. Use may affect Arc Machines’ original manufacturer’s warranty. AMI is a trademark of Arc Machines

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