Our weld heads are made to the highest quality standards. All of our collets are made from stainless steel which provides better wear over using aluminum collets and are designed with springs that will hold over-sized and under-sized tubing. The spring style collet provides more flexibility for various types of tubing or pipe. PLEASE NOTE: OUR WELD HEADS ARE PACKAGED IN HALVES: 1/2 = 1 SET. ONE COMPLETE WELD HEAD IS EQUAL TO 2 SETS.

Closed Weld Heads for C Series_Tungsten [...]
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TPWH-C-5-M (0.125" Closed Chamber) Micro
C-5-M-125 .125" Collet for TPWH-C-5-M
C-5-M-25 .25" Collet for TPWH-C-5-M
C-5-M-375 .375" Collet for TPWH-C-5-M
C-5-M-5 .5" Collet for TPWH-C-5-M
TPWH-C-5 (0.125" Closed Chamber) 
C-5-125 .125" Collet for TPWH-C-.5
C-5-25 .25" Collet for TPWH-C-.5
C-5-375 .375" Collet for TPWH-C-.5
C-5-5 .5" Collet for TPWH-C-.5
TPWH-C-1 (1" Closed Chamber) 
C-1-25 .25" Collet for TPWH-C-1
C-1-375 .375" Collet for TPWH-C-1
C-1-5 .5" Collet for TPWH-C-1
C-1-5P .5P" Collet for TPWH-C-1
C-1-625 .625" Collet for TPWH-C-1
C-1-75 .75" Collet for TPWH-C-1
C-1-75P .75P" Collet for TPWH-C-1
C-1-1 1" Collet for TPWH-C-1
TPWH-C-1.5 (1.5" Closed Chamber)
C-1.5-25 .25" Collet for TPWH-C-1.5
C-1.5-375 .375" Collet for TPWH-C-1.5
C-1.5-5 .5" Collet for TPWH-C-1.5
C-1.5-5P .5P" Collet for TPWH-C-1.5
C-1.5-625 .625" Collet for TPWH-C-1.5
C-1.5-75 .75" Collet for TPWH-C-1.5
C-1.5-75P .75P" Collet for TPWH-C-1.5
C-1.5-1 1" Collet for TPWH-C-1.0
C-1.5-1P 1P" Collet for TPWH-C-1.5
C-1.5-1.5 1.5" Collet for TPWH-C-1.5
TPWH-C-3 (3" Closed Chamber)
C-3-75 3/4" Collet for TPWH-C-3 Head.
C-3-75P 3/4P" Collet for TPWH-C-3 Head
C-3-1 1" Collet for TPWH-C-3 Head.
C-3-1P 1"P Collet for TPWH-C-3 Head.
C-3-1.5 1.5" Collet for TPWH-C-3 Head.
C-3-1.5P 3/4P" Collet for TPWH-C-3 Head
C-3-2 2" Collet for TPWH-C-3 Head.
C-3-2P 2P" Collet for TPWH-C-3 Head
C-3-2.5 2.5" Collet for TPWH-C-3 Head.
C-3-2.5P 2.5P Collet for TPWH-C-3 Head.
C-3-3 3" Collet for TPWH-C-3 Head.
TPWH-C-4 (4" Closed Chamber) 
C-4-1 1" Collet for TPWH-C-4
C-4-1.5 1.5" Collet for TPWH-C-4
C-4-1.5P 1.5P" Collet for TPWH-C-4
C-4-2 2" Collet for TPWH-C-4
C-4-2P 2P" Collet for TPWH-C-4
C-4-2.5 2.5" Collet for TPWH-C-4  
C-4-2.5P 2.5P" Collet for TPWH-C-4
C-4-3 3" Collet for TPWH-C-4  
C-4-3.5 3.5" Collet (3" Pipe) for TPWH-C-4
C-4-4 4P" Collet (3.5" Pipe) for TPWH-C-4
TPWH-C-6 (6" Closed Chamber)
C-6-2 2" Collet for TPWH-C-6 Head
C-6-2P 2" Collet for TPWH-C-6 Head
C-6-2.5 2.5" Collet for TPWH-C-6 Head
C-6-2.5P 2.5P" Collet for TPWH-C-6 Head
C-6-3 3" Collet for TPWH-C-6 Head
C-6-3.5 3.5" Collet (3" Pipe) for TPWH-C-6 Head
C-6-4 4" Collet (3.5" Pipe) for TPWH-C-6 Head
C-6-4.5 4.5" Collet (4" Pipe) for TPWH-C-6 Head
C-6-6 6" Collet for TPWH-C-6 Head
C-6-6P 6P" Collet for TPWH-C-6 Head
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