Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Our Fiber Laser Machine uses an IPG fiber laser system much more efficient than conventional lasers. It also provides numerous advantages such as lowering overall costs associated with labor and set-up time. This system features a rigid mechanical structure and a precise control system.

SCUT2000 Laser Cutting Control System

  •  CypTronic-F CNC Specification
  • Mainboard Model BCE4
  • CPU: Intell (R) Celeron (R) CPU J1900@2GHz
  • Chipset Intel Bay Trail-T
  • RAM 4G (DDR3 1600MHz)
  • Operating System: Windows Embedded Standard 7(x86)
  • Power: DC 24V
  • Protection Degree: IP40
  • Working Conditions: Temp 0-65° C, Humidity 5-95%
    (no condensation)
  • Hard Drive: 64GB/SSD


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