The OW-ARC 180 welding power supply provides digital control of the weld current and electrode travel speed; producing consistent and repeatable weld results.  The OW-ARC 180 features a touch-screen display for easy navigation and data input.  To access menus and input weld data, the operator presses the touch screen over the selection.  Weld programming is easily accomplished using the built in auto programming feature.


• Windows CE Operating System
• Up to 20 levels for each program for accurate welding control
• Internal memory can store 200 welding programs
• USB port for importing and exporting data
• Controls for welding current, travel/wire speed
• Remote pendant (optional)
• Fault detection and message display for easy maintenanc
• Integrated printer
• Welding heads available for a wide range of welding applications
• Cooling system
• Solid metal case for convenient transport
• Auto select 120/240 VAC
• Real time data collection with printout
• Auto print weld summary option
• Burn through protection prevents weld head damage
• Start, stop, downslope, home and set home from weld head

The OW-ARC 450 digital GTAW (TIG) welding power source consists of an inverter power supply, remote control pendant, integrated water cooling system and gas bottle rack on a portable chassis.  The system utilizes a state-of-the-art PC controller with 40” touch screen and is designed for medium to thick wall pipe and tubing.  It offers easy programming and versatility to tackle the most demanding piping applications for power generation, petrochemical, marine and aerospace industries.

• PC based with Windows CE
• Up to 20 levels of parameter control (sector/levels) per welding program
• Stores 200 welding programs in internal memory
• Parameter controls for welding current, travel speed, wire speed,          shielding gas and AVC / OSC control
• Arc voltage tracking control for peak and or base value tracking  or simultaneous tracking
• Welding heads available for autogenous (fusion) / wire feed applications
• Control pendant display for real-time weld monitoring
• Oscillation controls – width, speed and center position are adjustable   during the welding process
• High frequency or touch start arc ignition
• Built in integrated water cooling system
• Comprehensive fault detection and message display for easy   maintenance and on-line help
• Option to choose offline programming with offline printing
• Onboard “Help” menu
• Internal storage for 999 weld schedules
• “Next pass” feature to support multipass welds
• Internet connectivity for software update and multi program import/export to USB


Orbital Welding Equipment

High Speed Cutting and Beveling Machine

Includes advanced techniques for many international standards with optional coveyor system and pipe feeding features.

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Closed Weld Heads

The TPWH-C series is designed to perform orbtial TIG welds on tube and thin wall pipe without the need for wire feeding.

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Tube Facing / Squaring Equipment

Otto Arc Systems, Inc. features a full line of squaring tools ranging from 1/8” to 6.625” OD tube/ pipe.

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