Closed Weld Heads (.5″ to 6″)

The TPWH-C Series is designed to perform orbtial TIG welds on tube and thin wall pipe without the need for wire feeding. The sealed cavity is filled with protective gas prior to and during the welding process.  This weld head is very efficient and has a water cooled system. Various collet sizes are available, offering accurate positioning without tacking.

• TIG autogenous (fusion) welding without filler material
• Precision design for accurate tube positioning
• Tube clamping collets manufactured from 17-4 SS for repeatability
• Closed chamber for better gas coverage and cleaner welds
• Compact design for small work areas
• Commonly used for stainless steel, nickel alloys and titanium
• Water cooled head for high production and larger wall thickness
• The tool of choice for medical, food, biological, electric, instrument and
pipe installation industries
• Recommended Power Unit = OW-ARC 180



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