TSM-1500 • 0.125″ to 1.5″ Tube (OD Mount with Electric Motor)

This is our first machine and the tool that started a revolution in the field of facing tools.  Our machines offer increment feed control so you can cut and debur tubing at precision lengths.

All TSM-1500 Collets are made of hard anodized aluminum for maximum hold and minimal weight. Their three-piece design ensures accurate centering while affording the most surface area contact for the greatest holding power.


• Size range 1/8” to 1.5” Tube (3.175 mm – 38.1 mm)
• Standard 110/220V variable speed motor
• Portable or mountable for high volume production
• Easy replacement of collets and size ranges
• 10 lbs. approximate working weight
• Adjustable measure indicator for accurate facing
• Large view port for easy bit replacement
• Tool bit designed to keep chips out of polished ID
• Faces most metals and plastics, including high nickel and carbon steel materials
• Options: bench mount kit or battery powered motor

TSM_Facing Tool Brochure
Adobe Acrobat document [46.7 KB]

Tool Bits

TB-1510 Double Sided Tool Insert (carbide)
TSM-AD-1500 For Adapter/Holder Inserts
TB-5000 for Soft Gummy Stainless Steel Tubing (.75″ Tall)
TB-0167 37.5 Degree Bevel
TB-0202 Extended Reach Standard Facing Style (1″ Tall)
TB-0202 Tin Extended Reach Laser Coated (1″ Tall)
TB-0204 Heavy Duty for Larger Wall Thickness (.75″ Tall)

* TB-1506 For use on 316 or 304 Stainless Steel (.75″ Tall)
* TB-1506-TIN Laser Coated for Abrasion Resistance
**TB-0169 Facing Bit (.75″ Tall)
**TB-4000 Facing Bit (.625″ Tall)

*Tool Bits included in Kit
**Not recommended for Electropolished Tubing


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