TSM-1501M • 0.125″ to 1″ Tube (OD Mount with Electric Motor)

Our micro facing machine was designed to face 1/8″ to 1″ tubing.  We also offer two collets: our standard collets for facing micro fitting or short tubing from .20″ long and our extended collets for 1″ and above.

This new machine will let you face quickly and squarely every time.  You will also find this machine has an unobstructed view of the tool bit and tubing.   Stainless collets will not damage your electro-polish tubing.  Our feed indicator will give you precise lengths every time.


• Size range 1/8” to 1” Tube (3.175mm- 25.4 mm)
• Standard 110/220V variable speed motor
• Easy replacement of collets
• 9 lbs. approximate working weight
• Adjustable measurement indicator
• Large view port for easy bit replacement
• Faces most metals and plastics, including high nickel and carbon steel materials
• Options: bench mount kit or battery powered motor

TSM_Facing Tool Brochure
Adobe Acrobat document [46.7 KB]

Tool Bits

TB-1510 Double Sided Tool Insert (carbide)
TSM-AD-1500 For Adapter/Holder Inserts
TB-5000 for Soft Gummy Stainless Steel Tubing (.75″ Tall)
TB-0167 37.5 Degree Bevel
TB-0202 Extended Reach Standard Facing Style (1″ Tall)
TB-0202 Tin Extended Reach Laser Coated (1″ Tall)
TB-0204 Heavy Duty for Larger Wall Thickness (.75″ Tall)

* TB-1506 For use on 316 or 304 Stainless Steel (.75″ Tall)
* TB-1506-TIN Laser Coated for Abrasion Resistance
**TB-0169 Facing Bit (.75″ Tall)
**TB-4000 Facing Bit (.625″ Tall)

*Tool Bits included in Kit
**Not recommended for Electropolished Tubing


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